Old Fashioned by Kandi Steiner

It is here. The final book in the Becker Brother's series. It is everything. All the questions are answered and all of the past comes to light.
This book took me a little to get into. Not because it wasn't as stellar, but because I wasn't ready for the ending. This novel was sexy and sweet and SO much angst. It also had its darker spots. I knew that going into this that secrets would be unravelled but the ones that came to light in this were not anything you could have ever imagined. Jordan is the brother we didn't really learn a whole lot about until this book. His life was the one that stood as an outlier of the brothers and in this book you really get to know him. Not only that, but you also get to be not he while ride while he not only falls in love, but he finds the answers to all the questions that have been haunting this family. I loved how Kandi blended both plot lines so seamlessly in this read. You don't really know what you are getting when these two collide their lives but in the end it was everything. I loved every word and this series was perfection.
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The epic finale of the Becker Brothers series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. It’s a man’s world. When I declared sports medicine as my major and every man narrowed their eyes, that saying proved true. It was true when my ex-husband decided I’d give up my career when our daughter was born. And again when I divorced the Chief of Police in our small town, and he made it painfully clear that I could leave him, but I would never be free. Landing the job as the new athletic trainer for Stratford’s high school team is my chance to start over. And walking into a male-dominated sport and staff, I’m ready for the challenge. I’m not ready for Jordan Becker. The head coach of our championship winning team is a Herculean force of nature—as severe as he is determined. His icy blue eyes and permanent scowl drive the women in this town mad, and his quiet power and undeniable command conjure respect from every man. When I join his team, I expect the doubt and anticipate the fight from him. And I get them both. I don’t expect to form a friendship. And I never expect to fall for him. My breath catches when those cool eyes fall to my lips. My body comes alive when his is near. And as those lines begin to blur, every warning bell sounds. My job, my reputation are on the line. And my ex is around every corner, waiting to remind me of his power. It’s a man’s world, and if I want to survive, I can never fall in love with Jordan Becker. Even if he falls in love with me first.