One Eighty by Marie James

Okay. I fell in love with this book from the burb and it was absolutely everything that I wanted it to be. This is a trope that I continually can get behind. I love watching the back and forth between the characters and the two absolutely do not let you down.

This book was on it. It was a fast paced, non stop read that had everything I wanted it to have. Bully romanced can get repetitive but this one? This one was absolutely not what you think is coming and kept me on my toes. I loved the back and forth between these two. Piper and Dalton both had healing to do and the chemistry between them was evident as you read. You will be cheering them on as much as I was, I promise. A bully romance with a twist you don't see coming. Grab it up!

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He loves what he can't remember —she can't forget the truth... PIPER Arrogant, controlling, and an absolute jerk. He's everything I loathe, and everything I want to forget. But he doesn't remember a bit of it. One accident, one misstep, changed everything. Changed him. Now, he's different and unbelievably sexy. But I refuse to fall for a bully. DALTON Sexy, smart, feisty, and perfect. She's everything I want, and nothing that I remember. What she says I am, I refuse to believe. For her, I will be anything. I will do anything. Even destroy the bully from before.