Otherworld Chills by Kelley Armstrong




Jump into this fun collection of Otherworld stories that are sure to give you the chills the title promises.

This novel contains a collection of novellas and extra stories that were previously only found separate in various locations.

I loved this. It was nice to be able to read a story here and there and not feel like I am stopping when I could be reading more. Great for a week where you want to read but you know you are super busy. A Mini Binge book.

If you are not a fa of paranormal, then this book isn't for you. But if you even remotely like them, then you will go GaGa for this. Kelley shines with her mini plot lines and if you haven't read her other works, you will after this!

These Otherworld stories are a Can't Miss for any of Kelley's fans!


These stories will cover a whole range of characters from the Women of the Otherworld, and answer many mysteries and questions from the series. A vital and fantastic collection of stories, many of which will be brand-new, while others will have only appeared on the author's website.