Outcast by Lexi Blake

#qotd I need a binge series to read. Hit me! Favorite series to binge!
I Was suppose to post a few days back for this and I ended up hella sick and am super late but I yelled about it in my stories quite a bit. This series is a hands down TOP PNR for me. Cream of the crop. I can’t get enough of it y’all!

Add To Goodreads Okay. We need to talk about this novel. We need to talk about the epic-ness that is this absolutely sexy and tantalizing Paranormal Romance series that is the Thieves. This is the 9th book in this series and it is completely my new favorite. I think. Nope, it is. I have to say it. The next book has HIGH hopes of that as well, but I think this book might hold the gauntlet for a while. I dove head first into this series with the first three books a while back and completely have gone mad reading it now book after book. I love the way that we stay current with all the characters, but at the same time we grow with the series and dive into new arcs. This arc we are just finishing as we start the next is the BEST. We are on the tail end of the culmination of Kelsey and her main drag and good lord we are in for it. I won't go on and ON because I could, though I would definitely spoil things. But if you have read any of the other books in this series than you need to read this one. If you HAVEN'T heard of this series and like Paranormal romance with strong casting and AMAZING world building, here ya go, you are welcome, you can thank me before you start, because once you do, you don't be able to stop.


On the hunt for a vicious killer, Kelsey discovers that the true threat lies closer than she could have ever imagined. It’s been months since Trent Wilcox was sentenced to exile, but Kelsey hasn’t given up on finding a way to bring him home. Grayson Sloane doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Loving two men is challenging enough without them being at each other’s throats, and she is unwilling to compromise on the future she knows is meant for them. Kelsey’s only hope for bringing them all together comes in the form of the Hell lord who insisted on Trent’s exile – Gray’s father. Lord Sloane is willing to acquiesce on Trent’s punishment if Kelsey will do one little job for him. A stray wolf is on a killing spree in Wyoming and he’s killed a number of witches in Lord Sloane’s service. The situation is made all the more complicated by the presence of a sinister werewolf cult in the area. Lupus Solum is known for being cruel to their own kind, and even worse to outsiders. Caught between a craven wolf cult, a brutal killer, a Hell lord, and a mounting pile of bodies, Kelsey is going to have her work cut out for her. But if she can solve the case, she might have a chance to earn her happily ever after.