Outmatched by Kristen Callihan and Samantha Young

This was a surprise novel for me and I am so glad that I got it to read in the mail!

I loved this book. I adore these two authors and they were brilliant together. Rhys and Parker were amazing. They were sos fun and their story had me laughing and swooning. Pretend datings? Sign me up. I love this trope and it was perfectly executed. I swear I love when a romcom had all the swoon and all the laughs in perfect balance and this one? sizzling. This was a quick read that I loved from the first page to the last. If you are looking for a read that leaves you completely contact with just enough of everything, then here you go. It was perfect.

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What happens when a boxer finds chemistry with a geek? Parker Brown can’t believe she needs to hire a fake boyfriend. When she landed her dream job in renewable energy, she thought she’d be entering a world at the forefront of progressive thinking. But the head boss prefers to promote employees who are “settled.” Thankfully, she’s found the perfect candidate, a fellow intellectual looking for some quick cash. What Parker gets is his protective big brother—Rhys Morgan. The tall, muscled ex-boxer with a foul mouth shows up just as her boss does, and now she’s stuck with the manipulative jerk. Responsibility weighs heavily on Rhys. Now permanently out of the ring, he’s trying to hold together his late father’s gym and keep his younger brother, Dean, on the straight and narrow. To save Dean from himself, Rhys takes his place, ready to give this society girl a piece of his mind. Instead, he finds an opportunity. Even though they can hardly stand each other, posing as Parker’s boyfriend is a win-win deal. She gets to keep her job, and he’ll charm her star-struck boss into sponsoring his gym. Problem is, they can barely keep their hands off each other. And what started as an easy deal isn’t so easy anymore. Because what future can a rough ex-boxer, afraid to open his heart, and a polished society geek, who has sworn off real relationships, possibly have? They say opposites attract. These opposites are about to combust on impact.