Patience (Choices 2.5) by Sydney Lane

Patience4 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

This Novella is a little peek deeper into the lives of the characters in books one and two. We are following Jenna and Eric and their little adventure. I Loved it!! I loved getting to see yet another little tidbit. This story gave us more insight into these secondary characters and the ever entertaining Bet that Declan had with Eric. From the first page it had me laughing. This story grabs and pulls you right in, just like the first two. It takes a journey that I felt really pulled you in from the start. A story of Love and Patience. It was aptly named. The chemistry in this book was palpable as you read. I fell more in love with Jenna page by page. She is a fantastic character and I hope to see more.
“Sometimes, love is a beautiful mess. It isn’t perfect or scripted. It isn’t always smooth and easy, and not everyone gets the fairytale ending."
A quick 4 star read from Sydney. She has done it again.


Jenna Ryan is the kind of girl everyone wants for a friend. Her spunky and carefree outlook on life often leads to trouble of the best kind. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and when it comes to her friends, she's fiercely loyal and protective. When she met Eric, she knew immediately he was her forever, but why was he holding back? Eric James is the epitome of a Greek God. He parties hard while trying to meet the expectations of his overachiever parents. When he met Jenna, sparks flew, and he knew he'd met his match. But Eric is hiding a small secret. When Jenna finds out, these two will embark on a wild and hilarious journey to torture each other into submission. Who will win? And who will learn the true meaning of... Patience? ***Patience is a Jenna and Eric novella with approximately 30k words. It can be read as a stand alone but is much better after reading Choices or Fate.