Peace Love Resistance by Jettie Woodruff

Goodreads|Amazon Jettie is back and she is making waves. This novel spoke to the roots of my love for this author. It was a break of fresh life into her recent works and brought back everything that I loved about her from the beginning with the knowledge of having written so many books since that point. It was flowing and beautiful. Detailed characters that few authors take the time to write, and a story line that not only grips you, but also move your soul. Tobias and Tristan are a love story you wont soon forget. A girl on a voyage to just live life to the fullest and a boy who is literally the exact opposite. A boy tied down by life and what society deems is important. Boy are they a force the second they meet. Opposite yet perfect. If you don't believe in love at first sight, you will at least believe in fate after you read this book. Sometimes your soul knows what you need more than you do. Sometimes your heart jumps the bandwagon and takes you for a ride. This book was absolutely beautiful. Tristan will impact you as much, or maybe even more than she did Tobias. Read the book. Let it flow through you. Become as addicted as I did.

The Synopsis:

My name is Tobias Thomas Sheffield. I would like to tell you a story about the girl who changed my life forever. This is deeper than a love story, this is a connection that most never find; something that occurs once every few lifetimes or so. I was written in her, she was written in me, we were written in the stars. Before you invest your time in our story, I should warn you. If you don’t believe in love at first sight or you rely on an unbending system to give your life a false sense of security and meaning, you should probably skip our story. On the contrary, if you can get to know us with an open mind, pretend for a little bit that you may have been systematically lied to your entire life, then my hope is that Tristan will have the same impact on you as she did me. I’m a better man because of her, and I hope that you find something potentially life-changing in her as well. She made me someone I didn’t know I wanted to be. For her. For me. For humanity.