Blog Tour! Penny in London by Fisher Amelie

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Hello, all! My name is Fisher Amelie and I wrote a little story called Penny in London. Thank you so much for joining us today and I hope you enjoy our little teasers on this, the day of its release. "May your first child be a masculine child."

The Blurb:

You know how everyone says when one door closes another one opens? At the time, you find this statement obnoxious as all get out because a) you don’t really know what the future holds, it certainly hasn’t been a cakewalk so far, and b) the thought of change is unbearable. You feel like your life is falling apart and everyone around is feeding you clichés like they’re made out of kale or quinoa or whatever the trend health food is right now. You don’t want kale clichés, you want double-chocolate fudge realisms, and you want them now. You just want things the way they were, but then something happens, a moment, an instant that sets you out on a path toward happiness you never knew could exist, and suddenly you think, huh, I don’t think I want double-chocolate fudge anymore. I think I’m in the mood for this heaping serving of strawberry cheesecake sitting in front of me…with a side of kale. And a pair of split pants, but we won’t get into that right now.
Graham Glenn may have tossed her in, but Oliver Finn made her feel again.

Top Ten things Penelope Beckett wishes she could reveal to Oliver Finn…

1 You were unexpected. 2 But not unwelcome. 3 I just wasn’t ready, couldn’t trust my instincts, because I didn’t know myself anymore. It was his fault. 4 Now months have passed and I don’t see you anymore, yet you’re all I think about. 5 I stayed here. I can’t admit it out loud yet but I did this for you. Somehow I knew you were worth staying for. 6 I’m only seven minutes from your house, you know. I timed it. Every single day for months I’ve wanted to knock on your door, tell you hello, kiss your lips, ask if I could stay. 7 Answer your door. 8 Answer your door. 9 Answer your door. 10 I’ll stop knocking now. Goodreads|Amazon
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