Piercing the Fold by Venessa Kimball

4.5 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

My Review:

This is one of those worlds that my mind won't soon forget. It is a work that takes modern beliefs in physics and the such and throws it in circles. In a good way that is.
In this world you adventure with other worlds, "Aliens", abilities, love, suspense, prophecy, and the likes of which you haven't ever read. It was a unique perspective on things I wouldn't have even considered to be interesting. I am not a fan of Physics. At all. Totally bombed it in school, but this book, this book makes you interested. The story it weaves around you about throes and the vast possibilities really draws you in and hooks you with its very intriguing plot line. Who doesn't love an impending world catastrophe. I sure loved it and can't wait to read more.
The characters, especially Jes were just fantastic. I felt that they were developed just enough that you got hooked, but not so much that you got sick of hearing about them. I also really annoyed that even with having our Main cast in the book, we had a lot of recurring up porting characters that were developed just as well. Nick being a favorite of mine.
The Love in this book. I capitalize because it needs to be so. This book weaves such a web that I fell hard for some of the possibilities with the characters, but all in all I didn't feel let down with this book's ending at all. If anything ti left me with just enough information and hints to be extremely excited about the second book, which luckily it out so not waiting for it for this girl :) Thats all for now friends, head over and grab this book, you won't be disappointed.


“I'm Jesca. I have intense nightmares nightly and hallucinations of dark auras closing in on me daily. Strangers’ faces distort before my eyes and I hear voices in my head. All symptoms of insanity, ‘illusions in reality’, right? Wrong. This is my reality and it has been set askew.” Jesca Gershon Sera discovers that she is part of a legacy and a fellowship of guardians destined to protect the human race from a galactic event that will invade and evolve our world. *The Piercing the Fold series is intended for Mature Young Adult and Adult readers due to the the paranormal and unorthodox scientific concepts addressed throughout. This series contains a rich mixture of the paranormal, science fiction, romance, adventure, and suspense. *