Please, Pretty Lights by Ina Zajac


4 Stars


Meg's Review:

Please, Pretty Lights is a great read. I jumped into it judging by the cover only. I signed on to review it going in blind. It is way for me to mix things up. I am very glad I did so with this book. I had my thoughts about it from the start, but it surprised me. This was a dark and drugging read. I don't typically like books that stray toward this, but this novel stands not its own and pulls you in. Broken and raw, the characters in this novel are as real as you would find someone you met on the street. They grab you and drag you into their dark world as you go on an adventure you didn't see coming. Via is lifeless. She is just existing in her life to exist. With a past as dark as hers that wasn't felt with in ANY way, I get it. I saw her getting ready to spiral and I know that she was going to take us on a ride. Matt and Nick warmed me heart. I adored them. Even with their terrible habits and lives that needed some direction. They were so different, yet still so perfect as best friends. I wanted toe exist in their world. Even with it being toxic, they have this draw to them that I loved. Throw via into their drug, music, and vice filled life, and we have a novel I could wait to read. I stayed up all night to finish this novel, not because I was so invested that it compelled me, but because I had no clue where the author was taking it. A solid 4 star read. This novel is exceptionally written and engages the eager on every page. You can't decide at some points to cringe at decisions or just join in on the party. I vote that is the best kind of novel out there. This is a very dark read though. It has it's light parts, but for the majority it is a dark and gritty novel.


'It’s September when good girl Via Sorenson stumbles into a Seattle strip club, drunk and alone on her twenty-first birthday. Matt and Nick—best friends, bandmates, and bouncers—do their best to shield her from their sadistic cocaine-trafficking boss, Carlos. They don’t realize her daddy issues come with a forty-million-dollar trust fund and a legacy she would do anything to escape. She is actually Violetta Rabbotino, who had been all over the news ten years earlier when her father, an acclaimed abstract artist, came home in a rage, murdered her mother, then turned the gun on himself. Young Violetta was spared, hidden behind the family Christmas tree, veiled by the mysticism of its pretty lights whose unadulterated love captivated and calmed her. Now, desperate to shed her role as orphaned victim, Via stage dives into a one-hundred-day adventure with Matt and Nick, the bassist and drummer of popular nineties cover band Obliviot. The rock-and-roll lifestyle is the perfect distraction—until she is rattled by true love. As Christmas looms closer, her notorious past becomes undeniable. How will she ever untangle herself from her twisted string of pretty lights?