Prayer for the Dead (Revenants in Purgatory, #1) by Nicki Scalise


4 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Meg's Review:

So this novel was a little out of my comfort zone reading wise. I am a big paranormal fan, but tend to stay away from anything remotely religious. How glad I am that I decided to read this novel. It was GREAT! It had some religious aspects to it, but in the end it was a romance at heart, as well as a mystery. I loved the characters in this story as well. Some points in it, it was hard to remember where they were living and what the circumstances were. I got lost in the romance of it. I will say some parts of it I felt dragged a little, or just didn't grab me, but once we started really getting down to the nitty gritty background stories I had no trouble keeping interest. I definitely have my expectations for the next novel. With how much happened towards the end of this novel it definitely set me up for the next. I can't wait to see where we go next in this world. Prayer for the Dead on Amazon Prayer for the Dead on Goodreads


A story about a girl who lived, died, and met a guy… in that order. Is it possible to find true love and happiness, while condemned to purgatory until the ends of days? Olivia Brennan wasn't eager to find out. Working for a division of Purgatory and Associates, her job consisted of one headache after another, caused by the impatient souls waiting to move onto eternal paradise. After a hard day at work, she was most content to stay home, watching reruns or reading a book. Aside from a few friends occasionally forcing socialization, her afterlife was nothing special. That all changed the moment Drake walked into her life. He was handsome, charming, and had a sadness behind his eyes she could relate to. It seemed that Fate had finally brought her a kindred spirit… But could Olivia move past her own dark regrets of the life she left behind or would falling for him demand the ultimate sacrifice—herself? Buy it here: Prayer for the Dead on Amazon Prayer for the Dead on Goodreads