Pretend Your Mine by Fabiola Fransisco

Fake boyfriend trope? I am ALLL over this. I love a good twist read like this because you KNOW they are going to fall and fall hard and it is going to be amazing to read.

I loved getting more Harris in this read. You see a completely different side of him and it is beautiful. This read was sure swoon guys. Poppy. I adored her as well. I needed this book and I had no idea. These two had a fun romance with a few small twists thrown in. I loved getting to read them falling in love and it was the perfect addition to this world.

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I’ve gotten into my fair share of awkward situations... Although, asking a random stranger to be my fake boyfriend is by far the worst. In my defense, it was an act of desperation. An act I hope will keep away the men in town who see me as their ticket to becoming the mayor’s son-in-law. But I have a plan. 1. Date my fake boyfriend long enough for the news to spread across town. 2. Have a very public breakup that leaves me too heartbroken to move on. 3. Continue living my happily single life. There’s only one problem… Harris wasn’t supposed to be the kind of man I’ve always wanted. There’s no denying the sparks that fly between us. Just when I’m about to give him my heart, he does the one thing I can’t forgive. Our breakup is public all right, and the heartbreak is real.