Princess Ballot by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

I grabbed this book on a whim from Kindle Unlimited and OH MY. I was absolutely addicted from the first page. This read was exhilarating and highly addictive. It is not only a mildly dystopian academy read, but is also a royalty read. TOP SHELF LEVEL guys.
This is one of those, order pizza for dinner so you don't have to stop reading, type of books. I could not stop once I started. I fell so in love with each and every character in this read that I legitimately finished this and went back and started reading these authors entire backlists. This book had the royal intrigue and mystery, as well as the sexy epic ness of a school filled with political royalty. Plus, the cast of characters is going to leave you as desperate as I am for more words, but don't worry, the second book was released already!
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You have been chosen. Those four words change Violet Spencer’s whole life, when against staggering odds, she's selected in the "princess ballot." Arbon Academy is affectionately known as the school for Royals. Only the rich, powerful, or heir to a throne gain entry ... except for the one scholarship student accepted every five years. It's a worldwide lottery, and one that Violet entered without giving it any serious thought. But the media got it wrong and Arbon Academy is much more than a simple college for future leaders. It’s a dark world of politics, intrigue, and dangerous guys who will stop at nothing to get their own way. Despite her best efforts at remaining off the radar, Violet finds herself a pawn between two of the most powerful monarchies in the world. Prince Rafe of the Switzerlands and Prince Alex of the Australasias are bitter enemies both on the soccer field and in the political arena. Monarchies rule the world now, and every waking breath is a competition for the princes. Control the ball. Control the world. Control Violet. Whether it's through love or hate, someone will ultimately win. *This is book one in a dark college romance. This is not a RH or traditional love triangle story, but it does include a-hole princes, nasty princesses, and one chick who will take none of their shit, all the while doing her best to make it out alive. HEA guaranteed. Eventually. 17+. #darkromance #collegeromance #sportsromance #royals