Release Day Review: Pushing The Limits by Brooke Cumberland


5 HUGE Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I love a good book from Brooke, and with this novel she definitely pushed things to the limit, pun intended. This novel was hot. I kept feeling like I needed to fan myself, because between the Angst and the Steamy scenes, my reader was about to combust. Okay, maybe that is a SLIGHT exaggeration, but these scenes were hot. I will take a professor student romance anytime, especially if Brooke writes it. I am a big fan of teacher/Student romances when they are of appropriate age. So don't fret with this one, it is totally good. I feel like I need to point that out because sometimes people minds jump to the highly inappropriate kind and this isn't one of those. It is the fun kind, the secret, hot and heavy, forbidden kind. In true Brooke fashion his novel has it all, the flowing story, the intense emotional scenes, and of course the highly captivating sexy scenes. Pair that with her exquisite writing and you won't be able to turn away from his novel. Morgan. AH! I really love him as character. He has his broken parts and even though they are there on the surface, he is still the pillar of strength that his life demands of him. Then comes a hot and extremely talented student that completely captivates him. She brings a new force of life into his world and he can't seem to turn away from her. Morgan is her teacher. Her professor. He is everything she isn't supposed to want and she is doing all she can to push away her feelings as well. Just as Morgan has his huntings, she does as well. A past that is ever-present in her mind is dictating the way she lives her life and when things start to change her whole world moves on its axis. Get lost in this book. A top read for me for sure!


From USA Today Bestselling Author comes a new contemporary student/teacher romance standalone... He’s my art professor. I’m his student. With an electric connection and undeniable chemistry, I know it won’t be long until one of us cracks. When the opportunity arises to pose naked for the entire art class, I can’t help the thrill of knowing he’ll be watching me. While they all look past me with their eyes narrowed and concentrated, drawing only the lines and angles of my body, he sees right through me down to my vulnerability. He sees more than just the physical aspects—he sees me. That’s when I see the struggle in his features as he tries to stay in control. How do we keep our distance when everything seems to be pulling us together? What feels so right can only go wrong if we keep pushing the limits.