Queen Of Gods by Scarlett Dawn and Katherine Rhodes

IT WAS SO GOOD! Sometimes I am in the mood for true vampires, not the glittering kind, the rash and harsh kind. This novel delivers that in perfection. Then it goes and throw druids into the mix and I was hooked! This novel alternated POV between two areas of the world. The Druids and The Vampires. I have not read any of Katherines works before but I am a HUGE fan of Scarlett. This novel screams with her c characters and her style so I can't wait to dive into Katherines works as well. So back to the actual book. I felt like this novel went to the root of druids and vampires and brought us what we expect in a way that we didn't see coming. I fell in love with a plethora of characters and really can't wait to see where the next novel goes! I won't summarize it or ever talk about specifics, read the blurb for that. You want the surprise, trust me. Add to Goodreads Buy On Amazon: http://amzn.to/2HOm0cs


Dark. Brutal. Sexy. The VAMPIRE CROWN series sets emotions on fire, as vampires and druids hunger for one thing—power. Sex, secrets, and bloodshed twist two intoxicating love stories into one wicked tale. Magic is life. Bound to S'Kir, the Unseen Gods wait to reunite with their brethren. Only an ancient prophecy keeps their hope alive. Blood is life. Locked away from S'Kir on earth, the Vampire Overlords and an Original Druid hold their crowns with brute power. The Law is all that keeps their savage nature hidden. Until one defiant vampire is awakened early from her Rest and summoned to the vampire stronghold. In her wake, all hell breaks loose... Magic always wins. But never without blood.