Rafael by Laurell K Hamilton

I will never not want more Anita Blake novels. Literally this series could go on for another 30 books and I would be happy as can be.

If you are picking this up then you have read all the other books int he series and you know as well as I do that it will be amazing. The last few books have had some big changes to our crew and that took a little side stepping in Anita's world but I felt like this one brought it back full circle at least little.

Technically this is a standalone in the Anita Blake world, but it was amazing. I love Raphael and who know that a whereat would be one of my new favorites in this world?

This novel had a good dose of the relationship drama we all love and a good dose of action. I liked that it as pretty well balanced and it left me very excited for the next read in the Anita Blake world.

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Rafael, the king of all the wererats, appeared in the very first Anita Blake novel. Now he is center stage as he fights to defend his crown with Anita Blake at his side.