Rain by CE Johnson

This is one of those emotional reads that just literally lived up to the saying "All The Feels". I loved it cover to cover. This was my first read from this author and it set off the binge read of the rest of her books.

I got completely hooked on Rain and Charlie. I became obsessed with them as I was reading. They both had their struggles but you become compelled to see them through. This is a story of two souls who help each other bloom and heal little by little. I loved how they both broke from their shells and by the end I as all for them. I was completely hooked, like I said, and this had just the right amount fo drama to keep me hooked. A broken man and a woman running from something. That is always the start to a great story.

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Charlie had it all. Beauty. Brains. And the guy. Until the perfect boyfriend went from heaven to hell. Fearful for her life, and the sting of his hand still lingering on her cheek, she runs. But she knows he won't let her go so easily. Determined to leave his crime-ridden life behind, Rain retreated deep into the Oregon woods. He has everything he needs. A beautiful home and a life of solitude. But when an injured woman staggers onto his property, he can't help but think she's part of an elaborate setup. His gut says believe her. His paranoia says trust no one. His heart, however, is completely screwed. Will enemies from both of their pasts ruin their chance at a future, or will love find a way?