Rebel Saint by Adriane Leigh

GUYS! I don't even have words. None. Zero. Adriane killed me with angst and put me back together one piece at a time with this book. This is one of those taboo reads that you can't help but fall completely in love with before you even start it. This novel was also one of those that because of recent events in the news, hits so much closer to home than expected. I can also honestly say that when the twist hit at the climax of the book it legitimately knocked the breath from me. I re read the few pages before the twist a few times just to re-prepare myself for what was coming next. Hint: It didn't help. I was still shook and this book still completely broke me. But really this book was not only a story of two people calling in love and the battle they faced as a result, but it was a battle for each fo these characters individually with their beliefs and their self worth. I have so many words and it is so hard to find them. If you love off the beaten path romances that fill you with love and angst, here ya go.

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Adriane Leigh, an Edgy, Thornbirds-esque romance with a jaw-dropping twist... She found herself on the steps of St. Michael’s seeking shelter, what she didn’t expect was temptation so sharp and sweet concealed beneath one snow-white collar. He rescued her from rock bottom, desperate people squeezed together by the desperate cracks of life, but their relationship was never innocent. The thinly-veiled attraction combustible, magnetism so explosive it rattles the very foundations of their belief. But can their unholy love story withstand the fall? “Rebel Saint is Adriane Leigh’s best so far…lush with lyrical metaphors and so erotic!” – New York Times Best Selling Author Nelle L’Amour