Rebellion (A Dangerous Man #2) by Serena Grey


3 Stars



"I wanted your innocence, your beauty,” he leans over and drops a soft kiss on the sensitive corner of my lips, “I wanted your body, Sophie, I wanted to see your face when I make you scream my name.” David Preston came into Sophie's life and changed it in ways she could never have anticipated. Now the intensely sexy, exquisitely beautiful man is hers, or is he really?

My Review:

Just like the first, this was a very quick and thoroughly enjoyable read. I love that with this series we get epic little by little. It builds the story and even with the small novel you get a ton of storyline. This book was quite short but we got to know David and a little more. His reasons for the marriage, and his true feelings toward Sophie. Life was bliss for a short period. Then, reality settled in. Sophie is slowly opening her eyes to what her life may turn out to be. But at the same time David is opening his eyes and seeing that he needs to work to make his marriage work. This book is a slightly super bumpy roller coaster, but its an interesting one. I am looking forward to reading the next installment.