Reckless Cruel Hearts by Olivia Wildenstein

This book as everything I didn't know that I wanted to have in this series. I devoured this series when I discovered it and I devoured this book but as fast.

Olivia welds her literary power to the top level with her writing int his story and you find yourself completely immersed in the story.

This book takes us into our characters futures with the next generation of Fae. They are just as addicting as their parents and just you wait to see the trouble they get themselves into. They say you learn from your parents mistakes but these royals take it to a completely new level. I fell hard and fast for this new cast of friends. I loved that we still got to see everyone we loved and it was even more fun to see them as parents. Watching the new generation cause trouble was exhilarating. I loved that we got to see how our HEA played out from the first set of books, and with this one it open the door to so many more possible stories. One specifically that I know you will also be dying to read once you finish this book because guys, the twists in this book are like nothing you ever see coming. I loved the play on tropes in this and I don't want to give anything way, but you will be just as sucked into this fantasy adventure romance as I was.

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Imagine falling through a portal, into a supernatural prison, with the most hateful faerie. When my father, the King of Neverra, forced my hand into the Cauldron to cement a political alliance with the Farrows, I thought my night couldn’t get any worse. But lo and behold, it did. On top of being engaged to Remo Farrow, the rudest fae in my kingdom, I now have to repay a bargain I struck to get out of trouble. A bargain that sends me hurtling into a world of trouble. A world I didn’t even know existed, unwelcoming and wicked, and forever changing; a world where my powers—all of them—fail me. The worst part is, I don’t land in supernatural jail alone. Who should follow me through the damned portal but the bane of my existence . . . my new fiancé. Here I was, worrying how I’d save my life, but suddenly, it’s my sanity I’m more concerned about. The Maze Runner meets The Cruel Prince with a dash of Jumanji. Welcome to the next Neverrian generation . . .