Reckless Endangerment by Amber Lea Easton


5 stars


My Review:

This book was Ah-Mazing! If I could give it 10 stars I would. Hope and Michael <3 Gosh what an epic story they have. This book is full of action, love, struggles, and mystery. Hope is an Investigative reporter and Michael is a recovering War hero. That right there should give you a heads up to how epic this story is. Every chapter is crammed with major events, but still Amber Easton manages to give you the heart felt character exchanges that make the story beautiful. I seriously could not put it down. Mind Blown. Each character was well developed and you learned about each one throughout the story. Not only Michael and Hope, but all the supporting characters were very present. This fact enveloped you even more into the story. You are drawn into the drama and mystery right from the start. With Michael being a PITA and Hope being a spitfire this book never lets down. The Ending is perfect as well. I honestly have nothing to say negative at all about this book. So Go buy it. Its worth it and its ah-mazing. 5 stars for sure. Be sure to review it as well!!!


Colonel Michael Cedars is a wounded marine returning home from Afghanistan. He’s partially paralyzed with his left leg, unsure how to fit into civilian life again after being career military and questions whether or not he’s fit to be married to his wife, Hope.
Hope Shane is a natural wild child. She met the Colonel while working as a war correspondent, watched him get blown up and returned to Denver, Colorado to bring him home. She’s an investigative reporter who becomes tangled up in a human trafficking story. As far as Michael wanting a divorce and giving up on life, she’s not one to surrender the fight. That goes for the helpless victims in the story she’s chasing...nothing will stop her until she has truth and justice.
As the danger of Hope’s story intensifies, Michael is tested more than he ever imagined. Is he capable of being the husband she needs? Will he hold her back or, worse yet, get her killed? Is Hope and her penchant for finding trouble a liability he can’t risk? Or is he still the hero she claims him to be?
Heroes come in many forms--soldiers who fall and rise, women who battle for their marriage, reporters who fight for truth and justice, and men who would put it all on the line for the women they love.