Reckless Games by M.J. Lowell


5 Stars


Meg's Review:

I got this review request right before its release and didn't get a chance for ear it until now. Right about now I am regretting that. This novel was FANTASTIC. M.J. blew me out of the water. I love a novel that can fill me with emotional extremes and not have it feel force. I don't know if that makes much sense though. Let me see if I can be clearer. All in the course of one paragraph, I can go from laughing historically at Lucy and her antics, to being on the endue of me seat with what is happening. You go form giggling at a conversation, to being hot and bothered from the palpable tension between the characters. It takes good skill on the authors part to make this seamless, and M.J does it with ease. Wonderful. Now the story. Lucy is not he hunt for her father's murderer, and Rys is her first clue. She just wants the truth and is determined to get it any way she can. If that means stalking and lying are in the cards, then so be it. What Lucy doesn't see coming is her intense attraction to this mysterious man. This man that she needs to get information out of. This man that could be her father's killer. RecklessGamesTeaser See? That is the type of writing that has me antsy to see where the story is going. The plot in this novel was one that gives you some clues as to where its going, but still catches you by surprise at some great spots. I had my ideas what the end game was going to be, but I didn't see a few big twists towards the end. I know some people hate having an idea where a novel is going, but I didn't mind with this novel. Even if you were told at the very start where it was going, you would still have a book filled with parts you had no idea about. It keeps you on your toes waiting for whats happening next. An emotion filled read that ranges from laughter to fear, this novel lives up to its name. It plays games with you while you are enthralled in the games its characters are playing. A Must Read Debut Novel from this Must Watch Author. I can't wait for book two.


There are all kinds of games.
Lucy Flannigan is in her last year of music school when she gets a call saying her brilliant inventor father has died. The police say it was suicide. Her gut says it was murder.

Exhilarating games.
Rhys Carlyle is a player in every sense of the word. He's built the fastest growing gaming company in the world, and he's not done yet. Ruthlessly ambitious, he has an insatiable appetite for power and beauty – and he lets nothing stand between him and what he wants. When Lucy saves him from a freak plot on his life, Rhys decides that what he wants is her.

Dangerous games.
Lucy suspects Rhys holds the key to the mystery of her father's death – but to unlock it, she’ll have to play his games. What begins as a quest for the truth quickly becomes something more – much more. Lucy is soon out of her comfort zone, out of her depth...

Reckless games.
...and intoxicated by a heady mix of desire, pleasure – and fear. By the time Lucy learns the explosive truth, it's not just her heart that hangs in the balance, it's her life.

There are all kinds of games, but they all end the same way: Game over.