Reckless Refuge by Catherine Cowles

This was the book I didn't see coming.  I mean I was excited about it as soon as I saw the cover and knew who it would be for, but it was the book in this series that really took me by surprise.

Catherine has this way with her writing that laves your breathless and addicted to that feeling. With every lull in the chaos you know something is just around the bend.

This was that book. I was on edge page after page while also completely invested in the characters. Truly this is my favorite of the series. I could read it ten times over and fall in love with these two over and over again.

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There were shadows I was running from.
Ones that haunted and taunted.
Ones that made it so I had no choice but to disappear.

I’d spent years hiding from the world.
My little island haven, the only assurance of safety.

It all changed the moment he showed up at my door.
The hint of pain in his eyes told me that something haunted him, too.
And I couldn’t help but be drawn closer.

But finding the person I needed most came with risks I never expected.
And when our ghosts find us again, neither of us may make it out this time.