Revelry by Kandi Steiner


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This is my first novel from this author and it certainly will not be my last. She delivered a story about healing that moves you as a reader page after page. It had its hurt but it also had those laughs that make it all worth while.

Set in a small quirky cabin town I fell in love with this place. I want to go there. Walk the loop, meet these characters. They were full of life and stories and I honestly could have read secondary stories about them for hours.

Wren is broken. Kind of. She is discovering who she is as a single woman and the fact that it is OKAY To feel upset regarding her circumstances even if she is the one that broke things off.

Then there is Anderson. I really enjoyed how complex his character was. Loyal, true, and ever giving. He was a man living with a burden that he should have let go years before. It took a woman showing him it was okay to live, for him to finally give it a chance. To see a new future.

A brilliantly emotional novel about letting go and being alright with finding your happy. I can't wait to read more from this author. It was truly captivating!


From the bestselling author of Weightless and A Love Letter to Whiskey Wren Ballard is trying to find herself. She never expected to be divorced at twenty-seven, but now that the court date has passed, it’s official. The paperwork is final. Her feelings on it aren’t. Spending the summer in a small mountain town outside Seattle is exactly what she needs. The peaceful scenery is a given, the cat with the croaky meow is a surprise, but the real kicker? A broody neighbor with nice arms, a strange reputation, and absolutely no interest in her. Anderson Black is perfectly fine being lost. He doesn’t care about the town’s new resident — he’s too busy fighting his own demons. But when he’s brought face to face with Wren, he can see her still-fresh wounds from a mile away. What he doesn’t see coming is his need to know who put them there — or his desperation to mend them. Sometimes getting lost is the way to find yourself. Sometimes healing only adds a new scar. And sometimes the last place you expected to be is exactly where you find home.

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