Reverence by Shelly Crane (Significance, #3.5)


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This was SUCH a special treat. If you are a fan of the series make sure you read this. I read this AFTER I finished book 4. #Fail I just didn't know it came out until recently. I must have been living under a rock. This novella is 3 chapters from Caleb's POV. A lot of reviewers seem to be saying they wish the whole series had been his POV. I can't disagree totally. I did love this. I mean, more Caleb? HELLO! That is never a bad thing. I do think this is worth the 3$ in change. It was like paying for that coffee that I just wanted to take a few sips from. Totally worth it. Would you trade 1 cup of coffee for Caleb for a few minutes? Yes? See, I told ya. This is a few POV's from the books. I felt like it gave you a special understanding of a few scenes and if you read it before book 4 it definitely would help to get you hyped for that book. Caleb character is so complex and I feel like even though we get a lot of him in the series, you can't really know everything unless you get his POV. This gave you that. It made him that much more relatable. Read it.


A Significance Series COMPANION NOVELLA. Three Chapters from Caleb's Point Of View as a giveaway to fans for being awesome.

Have you guys seen the #Significance trailer yet?

I am STOKED for this to be coming to TV!!!