Revitalized by Jessica Cage


Goodreads|Amazon|4 Stars

My Review:

Lets start with this book was SUPER interesting. It was a really great book overall. Some parts were super emotional and really, the story itself had you on edge about what the outcome would be. I agree with others about the book in the fact that even if you can't relate, you relate to the main character. Alexa. So alone and such sadness, but yet still so wanting to live. I thought from the start the book was going to be one of those heart wrecking books, but not in the least. It's a roller coaster of awesomesauce. Paranormal, Fantasy, and self-awareness. It is a book about destiny. I really enjoyed some of the big plot twists. It kept your attention and kept you reading. With an ending like we have here I was SO happy to know book two was coming our way and we wouldn't be left with nothing. Its one of those hold you breath endings. So good. I found it a really easy and intriguing read. It was a set up book for the start of the series and you are not left wanting. It builds a nice basis for the next book and you really get a good introduction to the main characters. I loved the story itself and see it doing fantastic in the future. A great overall paranormal read. I look forward to the next book!!


Alexa, who spent the last 2 years of her life suffering from a crippling disease, is cured by a potion her grandmother leaves behind before abandoning her. She then finds out her family is descendants of a Vampire race, from a Lacal who she inexplicably drawn to whenever he is near. It’s Lacal's job to retrieve Alexa & bring her back to accept her new life. Will she run away from their bond or will she return with him & accept her title as Vampire Queen?