Rhythm and Blu by SL Jennings

GAH I adore this author and I forgot how much her world completely suck me in! Rock stars and second chances? ABSO-Friggen-LUTELY!

I love when characters were in love young and now that they are older they are getting the chance for a second love. I find it invigorating and so truly hopeful. I'm on a binge of the reads in this trope currently, and this one is a top for me.

Also, Jennings can write AGNST, y'all! It is real and palpable page after page.

This story was back and forth and truly the characters become friends to you, because by the end of it you are yelling at the pages for that HEA!

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I fell in love with a boy whose laughter was the soundtrack of my heart. And I played it on repeat until life’s streetlights flickered on and stole him away.

Riot Blu.
Top 40 f*ckboi.
Paparazzi player.
Trashy reality TV trainwreck.

But once upon a time, he was the boy next door.

Once upon a time, he was every note in every song on every mixtape he had ever made for me.

Now he’s back. A lot more arrogant. A little more tortured. And more gorgeous than any memory I held dear could do justice.

I know no good can come from being anywhere near him. But Seattle is only so big, and if I’m going to get the exclusive of my career, I have to swallow my pride, take that dreaded walk down memory lane and agree to his terms.

Move in with him.
Immerse myself in his life—the life he left me to build.
And try not to fall back in love with the man who ripped my world in two.