Rich Prick by Tijan

You know when you make assumptions about a character and then the author goes and writes a story about them and throws your world for a loop? Here ya go. This is that book. You don't see it coming for a mile away and once its arrives it is everything you didn't know this world needed.
This is Blaise's story and you are going to fall as hard for it as I did. This is a story about healing and facing the past. It is also a story about confronting your past and it hurts as much as you expect it too. I mean, Tijan did write it. You should be prepared. I wasn't. But I loved every word of this. You get to see Crew characters and FC fam that you didn't know you needed a peek of and you fall completely in love with Blaise and Aspen. Aspen is, well I don't want to spoil it. She is nothing like you expect and both her and Blaise set out to break your heart ass you watch them fall head over hard for each other. Dive into this and don't look back. Thank me later. Angst and romance, swoon and laughs. These two pack all the punches.
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He walked into school on his first day and owned it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a prick, rich, and you’re best friends with the ruling school’s king. Also didn’t hurt he’s drop dead gorgeous. That’s all fine. I mean, I have nothing to do with them. I’m a loner, invisible, and that’s how I wanted it to be. I was even proud of it, until I wasn’t. Until I saw a girl kneel before him. Until I couldn’t look away. Until he caught me watching. His name is Blaise Devroe. My name is Aspen Monson. He only knew how to get, command, and demand attention. I knew how to do everything but that. And this is our story.