Rock Stars Do It Harder (RSDI #1) By Jasinda Wilder


5 stars


My Review:

Another Explosive book from Jasinda Wilder. I was SO happy to get some more time with Chase :D So Anna has broken his heart at the Concert, again and he is falling farther down the hole of self despair until Jamie comes to check on him. The Sparks are flying and its palpable in the air. The Kiss. Its unavoidabble. Theses guys have something and its something great. But Anna is Jamie's BFF and she wont do that to her even if every fiber of her being wants to. This book is HOTT, So hot it deserves the extra T. Kisses, threesomes, and Blackouts, Oh My! Jamie and Chase are fighting what they feel for each other. She just cant seem to see that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Its a tough situation but you can't ignore the hotness between them. I can't wait to see where this story goes. No doubt Jasinda will work her magic and cause a love explosion in the coming book :D I can't wait to read it :D


***Rock Stars Do It Harder is the pilot story for a Big Girls spinoff-sequel series. It is best to read this after the Big Girls Do It books 1-5 to avoid major spoilers.*** Chase Delany is a rock star. Rock stars are expected to rock hard onstage and party even harder offstage. Chase is living up to those expectations, and then some. He leaves everything he's got onstage, and drowns the ache in his soul at the bottom of a tequila bottle. And then there are the girls. They throw themselves at him nonstop, a never-ending train of hot girls who want in his signature tight leather pants. The problem? Nothing, no amount of booze and no amount of backstage sex can heal the cracks in his heart left by Anna's rejection. And then he runs into Jamie. Anna's best friend. The one girl in the whole world who is off limits to him. The one girl who happens to be the one thing that seems to soothe the hurt inside him. Forgetting her proves to be impossible. Jamie Dunleavy has always been an enthusiastic practitioner of the sexual arts. She's never apologized for it, and she owns it. She's been known to admit--to her best friend Anna Devine, at least--that she's a bit of a slut. Her deep, dark secret? She's tired of it. She doesn't want to be that girl anymore. She wants love, now more than ever, having watching Anna find her own happily-ever-after. So who does she find herself falling for? Chase Delany. Anna's very recent ex. A rockstar, and the one guy she knows she can't ever, ever be with. You don't bang your best friend's ex. You just don't. It's the one hard and fast rule of best friendship. Except, no matter how hard she tries to forget him, she can't seem to shake the image of his dark eyes and sexy tattoos and those lips she wants so badly to kiss and kiss until neither of them can breathe. She can't forget him, and she can't ever have him. ** This 22,000 word erotic romance novella is for adults only! **