Royal Bully by Rachel Van Dyken

I am SO STOKED to dive into this world again. Rachel has the best Mafia reads in the entire book universe and this new series that she is launching will be everything.
You get to meet all the characters we have come to love all over again in a way that can introduce them to new readers who want to start fresh from this read.
This read is the perfect introduction into the mafia world for new readers like I said, and for those of us who have read every other book in this world, this book is the perfect dive into the new series and hwe get to see faces we have come to love. I mean guys, I will NEVER tire of reading about our main men and I don't think you will either.
Dive into the world of the Mafia Kids as they take the reins at EE. This prequel read introduces us to the characters and you get a good idea of where this series is going to go. It sets the stage and you get to really see the tone it is going to take. This read was dark but also sexy and it was addicting from page one until the end.
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The prequel to the much anticipated Mafia Royals series.... Something dark this way comes. He's gorgeous, mean, and mine. He catches me dreaming about him, and then just like my dream, he decides to make me his. I should have said no when he asked me to swear fealty to him. The knife clued me in first. The blood second. And third, it was the blessing of the most famous mafia bosses in the known world as they sat around the dinner table and told me that I had no choice but to join. Because they knew my secrets. And running meant I was nothing more than target practice. I said yes because of my bully. And he told me he'd keep me safe. But who keeps me safe from him?