Runaway Road by Devney Perry

Gah! Devney did it again! I swear that I get so excited each time she releases and this time was no different. I obviously binge read this novel, because is there any other way to read a Devney Perry novel?

This is a read with ALL THE FEELINGS GUYS. It is a small town romance that you are in love with as soon as you start. Brooks and Londyn were amazing. I truly loved the both as soon as I met them and I was their biggest fan. Brooks has his own story to tell you in this but as soon as you meet him you can't help but want to know his story as much as hers. This is one of those reads that even though you are rooting fro them you aren't really sure where it is going to go. Everything these two were in the same vicinity of each other I was cheering. By the end of it, I was in my sweet spot and completely in love with these two. I can't wait for more in this world.

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Londyn McCormack didn’t have a typical childhood. She ran away from home at sixteen, escaping parents more interested in drugs than their daughter. She doesn’t have loving siblings or an adorable pet. Her only family is the five other runaway kids who shared her junkyard home. Life pulled them all in separate directions, taking her to Boston. For a short time, she thought she’d found something permanent. But after a devastating divorce, she’s running away again, this time to find a lost friend. She’s driving across the country in her convertible. As a teenager, the rusty car was her shelter. As an adult, it’s her ride to freedom. Except one flat tire derails her trip. Her life collides with Brooks Cohen. They walked away from the first crash. The second might destroy them both.