Running From The Wolves by Lola Glass

Edit to add: this book has a new cover, see my instagram for an updated shot!]

I got this beauty for review and I never turn down a shifter read! This now was fantastic Ir had it from start to finish and was absolutely hooked. This novel has a fantastic slow burn and you get addicted to the characters and filled with anticipation as you read. Lola does a good job of framing the world and scenes so you actually can see it like a movie as you read. I especially loved the personalities. They were complex characters and the witting comebacks were great. This book is squad goals and I cannot wait to see more of them in the next two installments of this series. Henley was strong and confident and I was all about her as a character. She is used as a commodity within her race and after she escapes she is determined to stay that way. Throw the complication of even more packs into the mix and she encounters some big choices ahead of her. Plus. Roman. YES. Okay. I need book two. Let's make that happen.

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Never run from an Alpha. As the only werewolf immune to the curse forcing my kind to shift every night, I’m a bit of a hot commodity... and not in a good way. I went to New York thinking it would be the safest place to hide from the abusive Alpha who had me last. Wrong decision. The city is home to one of the largest packs in the world. Its leader? Tall, strong, sexy, and determined that I’m his. As if being chased by a crazed lunatic isn’t enough, my scent starts driving unmated men insane and that giant, possessive beast who won’t leave me alone? He’s the only one who can protect me. One way or another, I’m totally screwed. If you love books by Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve, Melissa Haag, Olivia Wildenstein, Kelly St. Clare, K.F. Breene, CN Crawford, Linsey Hall, and Jennifer L Armentrout, you’ll love jumping right into the urban fantasy world of RUNNING FROM THE WOLVES. *This New Adult read contains a werewolf chick who has been through a lot and a solid amount of *nudity*. Recommended for readers 17+