Running To My Wolf by Lola Glass

Lola did it again with this novella and this one wrapped the Wolfsbane series up perfectly. It brought parts of the world to life that I didn't know I needed. These two were flammable int he best way.

I honestly could have done a whole series just about these two but in the end the novella was perfection. We got to get the closure and healing that these two so desperately needed and we also got a nice peek into the lives of the other shifters of our favorite pack.

I will keep coming back as long as Lola keeps writing books.

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It was time to chase my mate.

After a few lonely years of modeling, babysitting for my friends, and enough therapy to fix a serial killer, I was ready to reclaim my mate.

I boxed up my sexy, expensive clothes and threw them in storage.

I quit the job that put up a massive wall between us.

I chopped the hair that made me millions.

Dressed in my old sweatshirts and jeans that would remind my mate of the girl I was when he fell in love with me, I flew across the country to win back my man but got more than I bargained for.

A pack falling to pieces.

My mate, holding it together.

If I wanted Gunner, I would have to do more than give up my old life; I would have to adopt an entirely new one.