Ruthless by Jacqueline Pawl

This read was a doozy. I loved the previous novel in this series and was sitting on pins and needles waiting to read this novel. It was completely what I was hoping for.

So much happens in this novel that by the end I was still figuring out what I read. I was so all over the place with this read with Mercy and Tamriel and Calum. Literally I wasn't sure how I was feeling as I was reading but at the end of the day I was completely investing in an HEA and ill be darned if I don't ship these two. How can you not, the back and forth is absolutely everything. I am very excited that this isn't the final book. For some reason I thought it was. The ending was an epic cliffy and left me filled with anticipation to read it. I don't want to make his long because I will spoil something. If you are reading this then you should go read the other books in this series. If you HAVE read the other books, then you will love this. It gives us a lot of answers and then also throws some new questions in our path.

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Defy the court. Find the cure. Win the war. After their grueling, death-filled journey to the land of the bloodthirsty Cirisian elves, Mercy and Tamriel have returned to the capital with their two desperate hopes for curing the plague: Niamh, an immortal with ties to the Old Gods; and the Cedikra, a rare medicinal flower which could save Tamriel’s people—if they can figure out how to use it before the king’s court tears them apart. Meanwhile, war is brewing in the Cirisor Islands. Under the thrall of his cruel, cunning father, Calum can do nothing but watch as Firesse assembles an army unlike any before. Armed with unnatural magic, deadly Assassins, and world-class weaponry, the Cirisians will stop at nothing to make the humans pay for the mistreatment of their ancestors. Unable to speak, unable to act, Calum must find a way to break free of his captors’ grasp before Firesse destroys everyone and everything he loves.