Saturday's At The Viper Rooms by Kirsty-Anne Still



Amy's review:

This was a totally interesting quick read :) I was very intrigued by the dynamic of the Viper Room clubs. What is even worse, is I believe clubs like this probably do exist ... scary!
Joely was once a broken, damaged girl who felt she had nowhere to go. In her state of loneliness, she signs on with the she-Devil herself, Clara. Clara, boss lady/owner of the Viper Room is a horrid brat who once upon a time was trapped in a horrible relationship. Figuring everyone deserves to suffer, Clara has created the Viper Room and traps lonely souls into a contract for six long years.
Jace is a member of the Viper club. As a member, he has the right to choose any girls he would love to entertain him. At a Viper party he meets Joely ... stunning, young, full of life Joely. Jace falls hard. Only problem, rule #1 is NO falling for members in the Viper club!!
Joely and Jace fall into a love affair to melt the paint on the walls. Could you imagine ... loving someone and having to hide your feelings from the world. Luckily, they can have some time together in the club, when he pays for it, but outside of the club is all looking over shoulders and sneaking quiet moments. I was kept on the edge of my seat wonder how in the world this story would end. I was rooting the entire book and praying that Joely and Jace would make it!! I <3 LOVE this couple hard core!!
I will not reveal the ending, but I am telling you all to run out and grab this book. My only reason for giving it a 4 out of 5 stars is selfish .. I wanted more! More Jace, more Joely, more of it all. I would love to read some more of the other girls stories too :)
Thank you Kirsty-Anne!!!


Book One of The Viper Series.

“You and I know I can’t say no.” I swallow my fear and allow my eyes to fall down to his chest, I can’t look at him. “And I can’t lose you.”

Joely Gilbert, one of two head Viper Girls for the club, strives to maintain a double life both full of deceit, betrayal, sex, lust, and fear. She knows the rules of the club and the way the boss works like no other, but she is the one breaking everything she knows in order to keep the new life she has. After running from her past, she’ll do anything to stay away from it. It’s what makes her perfect for the job. It’s what makes her normal.

Everyone has a story when they arrive at the doors of The Viper Rooms.

It’s this that binds clients and Viper Girls together. Each want to forget, each want something to remember, to feel, to lust over. The Viper Rooms gives the exclusive a time in their life to get the things they need from a club devoted solely to them. No strings attached, no questions asked. But what lies beneath the surface can’t always be stopped. It can’t be silenced forever.

And Joely’s one of the girls who knows that more than anyone else.

What happens when her facade starts to break? What would Joely rather give up; the man who wants to save her, but could die trying, or the life that could ultimately kill her?