Scales and Skeletons by Scarlett Dawn

My Goodness I did not prepare myself for this read. I literally should have learned like 10 books ago to know this about Scarlett, but I didn't and this book was still better than I could have ever wished it to be.

I have never wanted two people to continue to hate/love each other more than these two. I swear I thrive on it when I read this. They literally cannot stand each other but also cannot stand to not have each other. It is the greatest thing ever. Think a bully romance, but with no bullying, but All the angsty goodness and every are smart-asses. Okay. That description doesn't work or make sense at all, but it is absolutely true. This book was fantastic. I get so into this fantasy world that I get to the end and am completely caught off guard when it happens because I didn't realize how fast I was reading. This was the second novel in this series and cannot be read as a standalone. So go grab the first novel Y'all. This novel don'ts disappoint either. It delivers the next task in the royal's quest and literally I laughed as much as I was enthralled with this read. I feel like that is a special characteristic skill fo Scarlett's because you get it with every single thing she has ever written. You will be quite literally laughing out loud in one paragraph and gasping in the next. I for one adore that. I love never knowing how the read it going to make me feel. I cannot wait for book three!

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The mighty Fae are tricksters. They love their games, their intrigues, and their own kind. Until they don’t… What in the realm have I gotten myself into this time? I was merely curious. I thought it would be a splendid idea to sneak into the Shifter Kingdom. I had a plan. Then it all went to Fairy and back. The Misfits did not help matters. The gremlins have given us four days to find the second artifact, an artifact that will help save our realm. Four. Days. It is simply not possible. My name is Trixie Towers. I am the elven princess who is soul mated to the shifter king. My life is so dreadfully complicated now.