Season of the Wolf by Maria Vale

There are very few series that I read in this genre that I read and have to remind myself that they are fiction. This is one of them. Maria weaves such a seamless and believable story that I am quite sure that it is entirely possible it is actual truth.
This is one of those series that has just enough romance for me, but that it is that story itself that drives the book, if that makes sense. This novel is plot driven and not romance driven, but the romance is absolutely a big part of the story. I am talking in circles. Ignore that. But this book, don't ignore this book, it is everything. I want more in this world.
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In a world of danger and uncertainty, the Alpha has enough to worry about without him... For Alpha Evie Kitwanasdottir, things are never easy. The Great North Pack has just survived a deadly attack. Evie is determined to do whatever is necessary to keep her Pack safe, especially from the four Shifters who are their prisoners. Constantine lost his parents and his humanity on the same devastating day. He has been a thoughtless killer ever since. When Constantine is moved to live under Evie's watchful eye, he discovers that taking directions and having a purpose are not the same thing. Each moment spent together brings new revelations to Constantine, who begins to understand the loneliness of being Alpha. He finds strength and direction in helping Evie, but there is no room for a small love in the Pack, so Constantine must work harder than ever to prove to Evie he is capable of a love big enough for the Great North Pack itself.