The Why Series by Nessie Wallace

I was gifted this series by the author when I was sick at home and needed some binge worth reading. I am so thankful that I got the chance to read them. Nessie Wallace writes stories that keep you entertained and in love with the characters. Writing about foster care, and abuse, is something, writing it well is another. Nessie writes stories that both break you and put you back together. She has you hating characters and also holding your breath through certain scenes. This author writes characters that are broken and also that are healing. They are strong and still growing stronger. I didn't stop and write individual reviews for the series because I just couldn't stop reading. I wanted to get everyone's story. I wanted the kids stories. I wanted the past. Brian and ramie were my favorite. If you want an emotional read, here ya go. Dive in y'all. Tell Me Why Jenna Kingsley had an amazing life until it crumbled around her. She thinks there is no hope for love and a normal life again. Then she meets Bryson Alexander. Bryson, a young college student burned by a cheating ex, has sworn off love. What Jenna and Bryson don't know is everyone has a soul mate, and they both might have just met theirs. Follow their journey, and watch two worlds collide!

This Is Why

Bryson and Jenna knew they were soul mates and would be together forever.

Caden and his sisters have been reunited and couldn't be happier. That is until Caden reveals a secret he has held onto for three years. Their happiness lies in the hands of a cold hearted woman. Will Jenna and Bryson risk losing everything to do what they know is morally right, or will they go to their grave with a secret that will set Evil free? Ask Me Why? Bryan is beyond broken and feels he will never have a decent life, existing in a world where he will never fit in. Finally breaking free from his parents, who knew nothing about love, abuse, hate, and anger was all he ever knew. Until he looked into the eyes of Ramie Garland. Ramie’s appearance only screamed happiness, fun, and love. The three things Bryan never knew existed. Her eyes spoke the words she never had to say out loud. Being around her made him want to be a better person. Finding the courage to ask her to be his girl will be a challenge. Attending college at LSU, miles away from home and Bryan, Ramie shares a house with her older cousin, Ethan. Dealing with Ethan's not-so-innocent friends, Ramie finds herself in a situation that changes her life when she least expected it. Can the two of them find their way to each other, or will they continue to ask themselves why things can't be different? Can't Tell You Why Ethan Doughty is hit with tragedy at eighteen. He struggles with the guilt. Trying to relieve his pain, Ethan turns to fast cars, women, and drugs. Living on the high to relieve the guilt doesn’t work. Forgiving himself is not an option. Meeting Angel, Ethan doesn’t see her as his type. Spending time texting, Ethan thinks they can be friends, but a relationship is totally out of the question. Angel McNamara lives in a world of hate, confusion and guilt. She thinks she has found the quick fix to relieve her anxiety, but finds out that it only adds to her pain. Meeting Ethan, Angel thinks he is perfect in every way. The way he walks, the way he talks, and the confidence he has in himself tells her he could never love someone like her. Friendship will be the only thing she could hold on to, but when her past shows it’s face, Angel runs. Will they have time to confess their love before tragedy hits them leaving them both in different worlds?