Shadow Faerie by Rachel Morgan

THIS BOOK! Sometimes I just want a sappy romance to read, and other times I want a read that is going to take me on an adventure and make the world disappear. This novel does exactly that. When I am in the mood for tortured teenagers with far more power than they know what to do with I turn to Rachel Morgan. She writes YA fantasy/paranormal like no other. The world she has crafted in the last eight books is one I won't want to say goodbye to. This is the second book in this arc and with only one book left I am not sure how to survive saying goodbye! This one takes some dark turns and by the end of it, I was giddy with where that final book was going to take us. Some major butt kicking and a whole lot of dragons left me ready to take on the world with these characters. Bring it on bad guys, because all the secrets are coming out to play. Add To Goodreads Buy On Amazon:


Enter the dazzling and deadly world of Unseelie royalty in the penultimate Creepy Hollow book! Emerson Clarke thought magic might solve all her problems. Turns out, magic only made her life more complicated. Her sick mother is in a worse position than before, and Em just made a risky deal with an Unseelie prince: he will heal her mother if Em agrees to the ultimate alliance—marriage. With the possibility of finally getting the one thing she’s always wanted, Em enters the dangerous world of the Unseelie Court. She’ll learn whatever she has to about magic and etiquette in order to fake her way through palace life until Prince Roarke fulfills his side of the bargain. But when someone unexpected shows up, bringing to light the secrets Roarke and his family are keeping from her, Em’s plans begin to unravel. She’ll soon have to decide once and for all: how far is she willing to go to save her mother? Be prepared for breathtaking magic, twisted plots, a hint of romance, and more shocking revelations!