Shoutout Saturday: Kristen Ashley

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Shoutout Saturday


Kristen Ashley Edition

Kristen Ashley was the first author I ever wrote a review for. My first two review posts on Novel Grounds were for these amazing books. Thus, I feel they need their own #ShoutoutSaturday.

Comment what Your favorite KA book is for a chance to win another KA e-book.


The Will (The Magdalene):

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For You (The Burg):

At Peace (The Burg):

Golden Trail (The Burg):

Games of the Heart (The Burg):

The Promise (The Burg):

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The Gmble(Colorado Mountain):

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain):

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain):

Breathe (Colorado Mountain):

Jagged (Colorado Mountain):

Kaleidoscope (Colorado Mountain):

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Rock Chick (1):

Rock Chick Rescue (2):

Rock Chick Redemption (3):

Rock Chick Renegade (4):

Rock Chick Revenge (5):

Rock Chick Reckoning (6):

Rock Chick Regret (7):

Rock Chick Revolution (8):

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Knight (Unfinished Hero):

Raid (Unfinished Hero):

Creed (Unfinished Hero):

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Mystery Man (Dream Man):

Wild Man (Dream Man):

Law Man (Dream Man):

Motorcycle (Dream Man):


Own The Wind (Chaos):

Fire Inside (Chaos):

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Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland):

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland):

Fantastical (Fantasyland):

The Dove (Fantasyland):