Sidhe by Amanda Meuwissen


4 Stars

Loved the ending to this trilogy. I feel like Amanda wrapped it up well. You can't read this without having read the first two in the series. Incase you haven't caught on yet. This is a M/M romance. So don't keep reading it that isn't your thing. With the heart wrenching ending of book two. This novel was much anticipated. I wanted to know what was going to happen with Nathan and I wants all the secrets to come out. Amanda has a way with her writing that draws you right in. She is adept in her details about surroundings and emotions and it really allows you to fully submerge yourself in the novel. The action in this book was also fantastic. I wanted the battle. I wanted everything to come to a head and watch it as it all unfolded piece by piece. I wasn't sure where it was going and that always makes for an exhilarating read. Loved it. If you are an urban mythology fan and don't mind a little M/M, they you will definitely enjoy his!



Nathan Grier returns from the Veil a changed man. The consequences of his time with Malak, the dark sidhe king, and the deal made to free him may be more than he can bear. The weakening of the Veil and new enemies foretell of a greater battle still ahead. With Nathan’s brother Jim now an Awakened changeling, and Nathan’s role in Malak’s plans finally revealed, Nathan’s love for fae hunter and incubus, Sasha Kelly, may not be enough to save him after all.