Sinfully by Leighton Riley

sinfully 4 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

I really enjoyed this novel. I was gifted it for an honest review. I saw the cover and synopsis and knew it was right up my alley and it did not disappoint.

"I didn't want any of that happily ever after bullshit. Finding new talent used to be easy for me, and I really needed to get a handle on things"

Ryder is on the hunt for this author and is determined to get a meeting and sign her to his publishing house. Peyton is a Self-Published author that never thought her book would get read. She is also publishing under a different name. No one knows who really wrote this book, well no one but her mysterious mailer. She is getting letters that seem to show someone is watching her. Ryder meets Peyton at a gym he was scouting to try to find this "Author". After an interesting Kick-Boxing class Peyton and Ryder really hit it off. The story develops from there, and though I had an idea where it was going it was quite the hot read.

"You think you know me so well, huh? When I take you, I am going to make you scream so loud the neighbors will know my name" - Ryder

This was a relatively quick read, and was quite enjoyable. Leighton's hot and steamy scenes definitely had me on my toes. I would have liked to have a little more depth in the story and maybe a curve ball or two, but all in all it was great. I really enjoyed reading it and will definitely read more from this author.


***Warning 18+ only due to mature subject matter and strong sexual content***
Payton wrote a self-published book regaling her encounters with men while visiting Las Vegas. To her horror, life changes in more ways than one when someone finds out her true identity.

Ryder, a successful publisher, is determined to find and sign Reece Edwards. Using what little information he can find on her, he sets out to find her, feeling it will definitely be worth the chase.

While on his search for Reece, Ryder meets Payton and the chemistry is explosive. Payton has done well with not allowing anyone to get close to her, but something is different with Ryder. Ryder can’t get Payton out of his head, but he is still on his mission to locate Reece.

With two tragic pasts, Payton and Ryder each have demons to overcome. Will they be able to put those demons to rest or will it be all for nothing?