Society of Wishes by Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh

OH MY GOSH, this book was phenomenal. I would like to join the Society of Wishes, can you make that happen? Please and thank you.

This is the story of a girl who in the blink of an eye changes everything she has ever known. She makes and wish and believes. Thrown into eternal servitude to the Society, Jo not only does all she can to make sure her friend stays alive in his new reality, btus he also strives to be useful. I swear I felt like a yo-yo with her emotions, and actions, but I loved every second of it. If you have read any of Kova's previous works, you will love the dynamics between the characters and the structures of the world. You dive right in and fall in love with this new and fun story that truly captivates page after page. Plus, I swear I could literally read a story about each character's initial wish and never get bored. That small minute in time was enough with Jo for me to get hooked. GAH. A novel filled with things you, nor I, could ever imagine. A world controlled by the wishes we never knew were made. Buy on Amazon: Add to Goodreads


First book in the Wish Quartet, a new-adult, urban fantasy series set in a near-future alternate reality BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Josephina Espinosa makes her living as a hacker-for-hire in the Lone Star Republic, a remnant of the fractured U.S.A. That is, until the day she and her best friend are gunned down in a government raid. With her dying breath, Jo uses magical lore passed down from her grandmother to summon a wish-granter. Her wish? To save her friend’s life. Except wishes have costs, and for Jo, the price is the erasure of her entire mortal existence. Now, as the most recent addition to the mysterious Society of Wishes, Jo must form a new “life” alongside the seven other members, one of which being her savior himself. Living as an occupant of the Society’s lavish mansion should be quite the perk, but while it is furnished with everything its inhabitants could possibly need, it lacks one thing—freedom. Her otherworldly identity crisis takes a backseat, however, when Jo learns that the friend she sacrificed everything for is headed down the same path to ruin. Jumping in head-first, Jo uses her newfound magical abilities to protect him, only to realize that the ripples of her actions have far-reaching consequences. When the Society’s aloof leader Snow decides to give her a taste of his own ancient magic, Jo discovers that there are threads woven into the tapestry of her new reality that reach far beyond the wishes she is now required to grant. Ones that, if tugged on, could mean the unraveling of the world itself.