Southern Chance by Natasha Madison

Can you say Angst? This book was CHOCKED FULL. I literally was all over the place while reading and I loved every single word of it. Natasha SLAYED.
This is a second chance read IN A SMALL TOWN. I know. They are the best ever. Throw them together and they are even better. This one broke you while reading. You couldn't stop one you started and it totally brought me to my knees. This was a story about second chances and facing the past. Can love prevail. Thats the big question. Can these two deal with their past and do they have a future. Broken. I was totally broken and I loved every second of it.
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Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South. Kallie I fell in love with him when I was seven. I scraped my knee, and he helped carry me inside. Our love story was the talk of the town until a woman told everyone she was pregnant with his baby. The only rational solution was to high tail it out of town and never come back. My best friend needed a place to hide, and you can’t get much more covert than my family farm, so I came back. For her. It was supposed to be temporary, and I wasn’t supposed to see him, but that’s what happens when you live in a small town where everyone knows each other. Jacob Being the sheriff in a small town was never my dream. My father died and my older brother took off, so I had to be the one to look after my mother. I stayed. I fulfilled my duties as a son and I protected my hometown. My life wasn’t perfect, but I was content. Until I locked eyes with a ghost from my past, Kallie. I thought it was my imagination, it couldn’t be. I loved her most of my life, but now I hated her. The town gossip mill was going into overdrive. I kept my head down and my mind off of the woman who shattered my heart when she ran away. She didn’t give me a chance to explain, it didn’t matter to her then. I didn’t matter. A second chance is never promised, but now that mine is right under my nose, I’m not sure I can take it.