Sovereign Sacrifice by Elise Kova

I loved this read. It was such a shocker for this series and it was beautiful. Elise took character development to the max with this read and there were a lot of plot curves that you didn't see coming.

Vi and Taavin have to save their future and to do so they have to do things in their own way. We were thrown for a loop with all the changes from the last book and I don't know about you but I wasn't prepared for the big shift in this book. I will have to say that I did love our new cast of friends though. Throw Vi into the mix with Fiera and it was a while and fun ride. I loved the developments with them and the story that unfolded was not at all what I expected. I was left with far more questions than answers and I am sitting with hands full or anticipation and excitement for the next book. What will happen. Who will play what roles. What little changes did I miss? A book hangover to reckon with, but absolutely worth it.

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Vi was supposed to be the perfect crown princess. Then, she abandoned her throne. Vi was supposed to save the world as its Champion. Then, the world she loved vanished. Now, all she knows is that she has deadly magic and brutal cunning and she's ready to settle some scores. Old loves and new allies tell her to play it safe. But Vi is done with caution. She has a chance to right ancient wrongs and this princess-turned-warrior isn't turning back. She's ready to bring an end to the vortex of death the world is trapped in. The magic, romance, and epic adventure continue in book four of Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles.