Spring by Jessica Florence


I wasn't ready for this book. I mean I was. But I also wasn't. This might be my favorite in this series. Jessica pored herself into this book and you can feel it on the pages.

This book had a kick ass heroine who you were here for. She was the embodiment of everything you want to be. She was a force to be recked with and you fall for her fro the very start. 

Throw in a swoon hero that literally you melt for and this book was the newest hero installment.

Hazel is a voice and Maddox is here for it. I loved their dynamic form the start and as they come together it is perfection. Throw in a little worldly strife and ti was the makings for a perfect read. Another 5 start for the Hero Society.

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Spring has blossomed.

A time for heroes to transform.

Hazel has always been a free spirit traveling around the world—a famous singer by day and member of the Hero Society by night. She enjoys living in the new world where superheroes can save the day and keep their identity a secret. At the height of her career, life was great for the superstar.

Until him.

Maddox stomps back into her world as her new personal bodyguard.

Someone has been exploiting those with powers and seeks Hazel to be part of a superhuman collection.

It’s the heroes against all odds, and only love will save mankind.

Will Maddox and Hazel be able to move on from their rocky past and differences to catch the person responsible for the vile acts against heroes?

Or will the enemy finally separate them forever?