Starburst by Jettie Woodruff Dual Review


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Meg's Review:

I am still reeling from this book. Not often do I read a book that leave me stuck picking up the pieces. Lately there have been a few as you have seen, but this one is up there on the list. This book isn't just you learning about to lovers and their fight to be together, this book transforms you into their world. You go on an adventure with them and not only learn about them, but about 2 other couples in the book that need to find their way. I know that some people didn't enjoy reading about the other characters but I did. I felt you really got to know everyone better. I felt like I was watching a movie learning about all the different characters and what part they were going to play in this epic story. I felt like you started with one couple and after their struggles you travelled with them and slowly began to move onto the next and the next couple. It was wonderfully done and I just don't have words. Lets begin with the book itself. Wonderfully written and beautiful transitions into the different parts of the book. I never felt like we dropped one character to learn about another. You were constantly entwined with them. absolutely seamless in my opinion. I also thought the characters were well-developed. With the story being as long as it was I think any more back stories on them would have been too much. I could have done for a little more maturity from Alley, but really you can't help but love her, and considering her age it wouldn't have been appropriate with her. The characters had real personalities, even the famous ones. You could really relate to them on a personal level and I enjoyed that. The story <3 Oh the story. Love and heart-break over and over. You travel with these characters through it all. I feel like if I start talking about any of them I am going to spoil it for you! I am so good at spoil free review but gosh you really can tempt a girl can't ya Jettie *pulls hair* Trevas and Alley. Boy do they have their work cut out for them. She is a spunky, smartass, beautiful girl. Trevas can't get involved, it's not an option. But really, with how quickly you get to know them you will see what I mean when I say it's not an option. With how little the synopsis tells you I just can't show who the other couples you read about are. I feel as if it would ruin it. It is worth it FOR SURE to read this book!!!!! It's a great long read that you can easily break up and pace yourself. But don't worry, it does not lack in the steamy department <3

Amy's Review:

5 stars

Jettie, Jettie, Jettie can't you see ~ sometimes your words just hypnotize me. That's what I wanted to sing after I finished this book!
It is taking all the power within me to write this review and not jump straight into Stardust (book #2 in the Star Sequence Trilogy). I seriously loved this book and the story within its pages!!!
The synopsis of this book really leaves a potential reader wondering what exactly this story is about, so I don't want to reveal too many specifics about the story line. This story is way too exciting to spoil!!
Trevas Evans is a bodyguard who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He is a great guy, with some difficult clients andunfortunately he is about to get sucker punched again. Alley will be the hardest client he's ever had to work with and considering her pedigree ... she has been groomed to live the life of the rich and famous!
I'm a fan of a good love story and this book definitely delivered. Without revealing too much, you will meet tons of characters who's lives entwine. I am so excited to read the second and third book in this series. I am dying to see where the story develops. The writing was amazing and the characters were developed beautifully. The book was nice and long, which I like!
Thank you Jettie for another awesome Five star story!!!


Book 1 - Star Sequence. Trevas Evans never dreamed he would get sucked into this entire Hollywood regime. He was an escort slash bodyguard for the rich and famous. He wasn't interested in the lifestyle that he was about to get thrown into. He was there, right in the middle of it, whether he wanted it or not, now if he could just figure out how to walk away without anyone getting hurt. Can he leave the forbidden love behind and walk away? Yes he can, he has no choice. Love, laughs, and lots of romance. Adult language. Adult content