Stardust by Jettie Woodruff Dual Review!


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Meg's Review

The second installment of this amazing trilogy we learned what was going on for Hailey during the course of Alleys book. So we got a look at the flip side of the line and learned Hailey's Journey to the dual movie the girls would do in the third book. I was really glad for this book as soon as I started it, based on where the first book ended. I knew we were going to be seeing Hailey and wanted to get to know her better before we ventured into the new movie. We sure do in this book. We first meet Hailey's mom Addison and get to know the family. Addison has had the step-ford life, but it's not real. She was never truly happy with her life and her husbands indiscretion just seals the deal. Once Hailey heads of to the Big Apple for her show Addison is left to deal with the fallout of her marriage. On a chance meeting on her family-turned-solo vacation she see's someone she never thought to see again in her life. This part of the story is about finding true love. Is it possible after so many years to finally find those butterflies? You travel with Addison and really get to know her. This part of the book it Hot! Gosh the scenes left me reeling in some places. Jettie weaves you into this book and you are so deep that you are part of this star-studded world. Part two-ish ( I say "ish" because you just transition into it, it's not a declared Part two) follows Hailey and her love life. She is young and being young she is experimenting with finding out what love really is. Hailey bounces around a bit and with this is already distancing herself from her family. With the offer to do Bitten you really see some changes in her life. Hailey is thrown into the movie world with no idea of its workings. Unlike Alley, Hailey is foreign in dealing with some of the things that we saw come naturally to others. To deal with this she turns to something that we watch slowly become her addiction. Its sad and heart breaking to watch, but its a very real problem that is plausible for the situation she is in. I Loved the way that it was dealt with in this book. But this addiction isn't Hailey's only problem. With leading this new and possibly destructive career, as well as having her self destructive habit, Hailey also has a new love in her life. I don't know what your opinion will be on him but he got a Yes vote for me. You will have to form your own opinion. But he is risky, and the type of character that you can see yourself going either way with. Hailey needs to make some decisions about her life and if she is going to stay on the path she is on. I Just loved this book. It was great. It kept me interested the entire time and the story was plausible. The characters were lovable and real. You get sucked into the story from the first page. Addison's story grabs your heart and you are hooked from there. I love the work from Jettie. She has a way with stories. I can't wait to begin the third one and share it with you. worth the 5 stars & it's a great price. Head over and grab it for yourself.
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Amy's Review:

Stardust is book two in this amazing Jettie trilogy. Book one features Allie Fletcher, an up and coming star with amazing connections and one hell of a love story. Book two is a parallel read based on Hailey Arlington, another up and coming star. I am so excited for book three, which will feature the girls working together .. hopefully.
Hailey Arlington is a normal girl who attends dance class and acts in plays and is a down right cute 18 year old. Her story is so normal and raw and down to earth that it reminded me of a neighbor or friend. Her life looks beautiful, but its not. Her family looks perfect, but its not. Her story is so ... real.
This story starts with Hailey's mother Addison. She has the life of her dreams, or so it seems looking in. Addison has dedicated herself to her husband and daughter and when those connections begin to fray she is left lost. Hailey is a beautiful dancer and is off to NYC to star in a show and her husband is just an ass. His infidelity and lying leave Addison speechless and walking away from a life she realizes she never enjoyed. When she decides to go on a family vacation alone she runs into someone that once lived in her heart and now only in her dreams. She makes big decisions and goes against the advice of her parents and proves that life and love both deserve a second chance.
Once Addison is sorted out the story continues with Hailey's journey. We first meet Hailey in Starburst, but only from a distance. We already know she is cast as the lead in the movie "Bitten" and is essentially featured in the tabloids right along side Allie in book one. But we finally get the real story!! Hailey is young and impressionable and SO MUCH happens to her in such a short time .. she starts to spiral. Her family composition has changed, her mother has changed, she is in NYC and now cast in a movie .. what?? She knows the opportunity is once in a life time and jumps in head first. What she learns and experiences over the coarse of her preparing, filming and promoting "Bitten" left me reeling. Love and addictions, physical connections and emotional connections, building family relationships and breaking family bonds. This book is crazy good.
Stardust ends essentially where Starburst (book one) ends. Both Allie and Hailey are excited about the prospect of staring in a new movie together. These ladies are trouble makers in their own way and I am so excited to dive into book three and see what type of trouble they can get into together. I give Stardust a big fat five star rating!!


You've met Trevas and Alley, and her famous mother Peyton Paxton. You followed them both through their stardom, love, and heartaches. Now meet Hailey Arlington and her mother Addison, as Hailey too ventures down a path of destructive love, destructive behavior, and a destructive career that maybe she is not quite ready for. Adult language, Adult content.