Steal by Rachel Van Dyken

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Another novel to bring on all the feels from our favorite, Rachel Van Dyken. This novel jumps in with everyone's favorite villa, Angelica. Well, let me rip that bandaid off, like all of our favorite villains, Rachel is going to open your eyes to a completely different side of her and you are going to be rooting for her at the end. Will and Ang have a torrid backstory, but putting all that aside, they have a job to do. That job is going to be more career changing that anyone could have planned for. I devoured each and every page of this book. I love seaside and this story was the epitome of the true theme of these books. Forgiveness and finding love. This novel has everything you are hoping it does. It has the raw emotion and it has the scenes that just leave you hugging yourself. These characters have been through so much and in this novel they are forced to confront every detail of it. Then this book also has all the shenanigans we love. Bomb fires, marshmallows, good friends, and all the fun. Also, birds. You re going to love it. Go buy this novel now. It is on sale for release and YOU WANT IT. This novel can be read as a standalone, but I still say BUY THEM ALLLLL.


The third and final stand alone following the #1 NYT Bestseller Keep... Whats harder than having to babysit a bunch of musicians in the small town of Seaside, Oregon? Adding your ex to the mix. She hates me. I freaking loathe her. I was stupid enough to say yes. Stupid enough to take one last chance on helping rebuild her acting career. I'm a sucker for a challenge. What I didn't expect? To care.