Steal The Day By Lexi Blake

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And Off to save Sarah we go. I knew it was coming. I knew we were going to rescue her. Zoey always saves those she loves. She does everything she can for others, and oh my was this a wild ride. With tensions not exactly in a great place between our three, it seems like the perfect time to plan another job. This time though things heat up and they heat up fast. I loved reading about the dynamic between our favorite three, and i loved every more when the angst and tension really started to heat up. How far would they push each other and who would Zoey end up with. That is where I was at. Sure there was a ton of other stuff going on, but THIS was the real story and we all know it. Ok. I know.It wasn't. BUT IT WAS. Lots of swoon scenes and even more scenes that left me fanning myself. If you were even remotely a fan of the first book you will LOVE this one. Things get complicated and fast. The plot jumps quite a bit and it couldn't have been any better.


When a member of her crew is dragged to Hell by a demon, Zoey plans the most dangerous heist of her career. With her team at her side, Zoey intends to sneak onto the Hell plane and steal Sarah back. The job seems impossible until a new client makes them an offer too good to refuse. If she can find an ancient artifact called The Revelation, she can use it to locate an angel who holds Sarah’s redemption in his hands. Surrounded by warring angels and demons, the greatest threat may come from one of her own. Torn between her Fae lover and the vampire who has always held her heart, Zoey finds that she and Dev are trapped in Daniel’s web of secrets and it may be Zoey who has to pay the ultimate price.